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Tea Master Eliot Jordan

Much like the fine teas he’s known for, Eliot Jordan’s depth of expertise reveals itself quietly. Over the course of a steaming cup, you might learn that his interest in tea trickled down from his mom, who enjoyed throwing tea parties when he was young. You might also learn about his start at the original Peet’s store in 1985. Or his appreciation of history reflected in the blend he named after his great-great grandfather’s merchant ship, Pride of the Port. But mostly, you’ll enjoy his encyclopedic knowledge of the tea you’re sipping, and the picture he paints of its terroir.

Eliot draws inspiration from the care and diligence shown by the people who produce great teas, and loves traveling to countries where tea is deeply ingrained into the culture. Eliot’s treks through tea origins like Assam, Zheijang and Alishan have led to the rare finds, ancient stories and unique blends that give Mighty Leaf its reputation for quality.


Back at the Ranch

While Eliot’s traveling the world, you can find the rest of us “Back at the Ranch” at Mighty Leaf’s headquarters just North of San Francisco on Smith Ranch Road in San Rafael, CA. We’re a diverse group of tea aficionados and tea newbies but we’re all committed to bringing you the highest-quality whole leaf teas.

Here are a few things that we are proud of:

The Mighty Leaf Tea Team