Our Whole Leaf Teas

The Whole Leaf. The Whole Flavor.

At Mighty Leaf, we're passionate about whole leaf tea. Since our founders first opened their San Francisco tea house in 1996, it's been our goal to share the whole leaf tea experience with consumers around the world. Our whole leaf teas showcase larger, bolder leaves – never broken, torn or crushed. We love whole leaf tea because these teas provide a complex, nuanced taste that you just don’t get from leaves that have been crushed or broken. Only whole leaves deliver the full flavor and aroma essential for the ultimate multi-sensory tea experience.


Why Whole Leaf

Green Tea Tropical Loose Leaf Tea

If you cut a leaf, does it not bleed? If you tear it to shreds, does it not die? Certain things are better as nature presents them, and tea is no exception.

Conventional tea bags contain low-grade teas, consisting of mostly fannings: minuscule specks of leaf which are little more than tea dust. Most of the flavor of tea is lost in this process. Here at Mighty Leaf, we pride ourselves on using the whole leaf. Our leaves are left in their natural, full form, retaining their tannins and essential oils which give them their distinct flavors.

Whether you try Mighty Leaf Tea loose, or in our pouches, you're getting the full leaf experience. Take a close look at a sample of one of our most popular teas, Green Tea Tropical.

See the full leaves? This is the way tea should be. Try it for yourself — the tea plant will thank you.

Green Tea Tropical Loose Leaf Tea

The Blending Process

Our tea team, led by Eliot Jordan, searches for the highest quality whole leaf teas, fruits, herbs and spices from around the world to create one-of-a-kind blends. Mighty Leaf’s long-standing reputation gives us access to some of the best teas available.

Once selected, each and every ingredient is brought to Mighty Leaf headquarters where it is individually cupped to evaluate the quality and identify the subtle nuances in character. Eliot and his team become familiar with each ingredient separately – every lot of tea, blossoms, fruit or herb - before the blending process begins. By 10am every morning, Eliot has tried over 10 different teas.

When it comes to blending, there are no recipes. Creating a new blend is something of an art. Eliot tests countless combinations in search of the perfect blend, using equal parts passion and creativity. Each tea is hand-blended and designed to showcase the nuanced flavor of the whole leaf tea. Eliot’s team cups over 3,000 teas each year in order to provide unparalleled quality.


Artisan Hand-Stitched Pouches

Each portion of whole leaf tea is precisely measured and carefully wrapped in a hand-stitched pouch. These large, silken pouches showcase the distinctive beauty of our special blends and give the leaves room to unfurl as they steep, allowing the nuanced flavors to fully infuse for the ideal tea experience.

Mighty Leaf's Artisan Hand-Stitched Pouch

Our Commitment to Organic and Fair Trade

Mighty Leaf is committed making ethically and environmentally sound decisions throughout the supply chain. We consider our suppliers to be partners in our success, on whom we rely for the care, consideration, and craft that’s required to produce a great cup.

Our commitment to organic farming and the support of fair trade practices is an integral element of the quality tea programs that we strive to deliver. We have made it a priority to expand our Organic and Fair-Trade Certified™ offerings.


USDA Organic Symbol

We now offer a variety of Organic teas in our signature whole leaf tea bags. We also offer a wide assortment of organic loose leaf teas.

Organic Certified

Black Tea
Organic Breakfast - Tea Bags
Organic Earl Grey - Tea Bags
Organic Coconut Assam - Tea Bags
Organic Darjeeling Estate - Tea Bags

Green Tea
Organic Almond Spice - Tea Bags
Organic Spring Jasmine - Tea Bags
Organic Emerald Matcha - Tea Bags
Organic Green Dragon - Tea Bags
Organic Hojicha - Tea Bags

Herbal Tea
Organic Detox Infusion- Tea Bags
Organic Mint Melange- Tea Bags
Organic African Nectar - Tea Bags

Tea & Company - All Organic
Tea Bags & Loose Leaf

Organic Loose Leaf Tea
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Fair Trade

Fair Trade Certified Logo

We are building our fair trade portfolio. We now have 5 fair trade certified teas. These will be available in tea bags and in loose leaf form.

Fair Trade Certified

Black Tea
Organic Breakfast - Tea Bags | Loose Leaf
Organic Darjeeling - Tea Bags | Loose Leaf
Organic Coconut Assam - Tea Bags

Green Tea
Organic Almond Spice - Tea Bags

Pu-er Tea
Organic Ancient Trees Pu'er - Loose Leaf

Herbal Tea
Organic African Nectar - Tea Bags | Loose Leaf

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