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Mighty Leaf News

Memorial Day Cocktails
5/24/2013  |  Tea Recipes

Time’s running out to make final preparations for your legendary Memorial Day BBQ. You’ve got grass-fed steaks and veggie burgers galore; your famous potato salad is in the works; and the biggest watermelon your arms could carry is stashed in the cupboard. There’s only one crucial element missing: unforgettable beverages for the adult crowd. Don’t worry. Mighty Leaf’s got you covered. Check out these amazing tea cocktails guaranteed to make your cookout a hit.

Mighty Leaf at NRA 2013
5/20/2013  |  Events
Mighty Leaf's booth at NRA 2013

Things are still in high gear out in Chicago where the Mighty Leaf Tea’m is hard at work wowing customers and brewing up a good time at the National Restaurant Association show. Tea is making a big impression with the crowd this year as a beverage for all seasons and menus. Showcasing that versatility is one of the most exciting booths we’ve ever had. Here it is before the crowds arrive for the day.

Kathmandu in Your Cup
3/22/2013  |  Tea Recipes

There are as many ways to enjoy tea as there are tea lovers. Some prefer classics such as chamomile and a bit of honey. Others crave tea lattes with ingredients like steamed almond milk and agave nectar. But what about black tea mixed with liberal amounts of butter and salt? Marketing Intern Cole Margen explains the surprising allure of Tibetan Butter Tea.

Drink in the Season Holiday Recipe Contest Winner
2/4/2013  |  Tea Recipes

The Drink In The Season Holiday Recipe Contest was a hit this year with multiple qualified contestants submitting their creations. The Mighty Leaf team was quite impressed by the variety, and ingenuity of many of the drinks that we saw amongst the finalists in particular. Who would’ve known that Mighty Leaf Tea could be used in such creative, and enticing recipes?

Drink Early and Vote Often!
12/7/2012  |  Tea Recipes

Ever wanted to try a little jalapeno in your green tea? Wondered whether an Earl Grey egg nog could be the most popular drink at your holiday party? (The answer’s yes.) Take up a cocktail shaker and experience them yourself! The ten astonishing and delicious finalists from our Drink in the Season Holiday Recipe are now available on our Facebook page and there’s $1,000 in tea on the line!

In November we began accepting original drink recipes on Facebook from the flavor mavens in the Mighty Leaf community. A giant wave of creativity swept in, leaving us with literally dozens of outstanding concoctions. It took our dedicated team two delicious weeks to sift through them all, and this week we posted the ten best.

But now it’s time for the our tea-drinking fans and friends to decide which recipe deserves the highest honors; which champion of the chai or maestro of the mocktail should bring home the title of Grand Prize Winner. So hurry over to our voting page where you can learn to make all ten drinks and then vote on your favorites. Every Facebook user get one vote per day until voting closes at midnight Pacific Time on December 18, 2012.

So drink early and vote often!

Tea-Braised Green Beans
11/6/2012  |  Tea Recipes
Delicious green beans braised in Earl Grey with red potatoes and onions.

Chef Vinita Jacinto is back with another astonishing tea recipe for the Mighty Leaf community to enjoy. Already she’s brought together the surprisingly complementary flavors of Organic Earl Grey and rice pudding and the unforgettable combination of Organic African Nectar and quinoa! If you haven’t tried out those recipes, you are doing your taste buds a disservice. Put them on the menu for dinner tonight! But now Chef Jacinto has outdone herself. Today she brings green beans to tea time and creates a standout side dish your dinner guests will go home talking about.

African Nectar Quinoa
10/8/2012  |  Tea Recipes
African Nectar Quinoa is full of fall flavors.

Two weeks ago, Chef Vinita Jacinto began to open up our minds to the flavor possibilities of tea recipes. Her first dish, Earl Grey Rice Pudding, got a lot of attention and rightly so. It was simple to make and tremendously flavorful. This week she’s offering up another simple, compelling fall dish: African Nectar Quinoa.

Beyond Green Tea Ice Cream
9/12/2012  |  Tea Recipes
Earl Grey Rice Pudding is a sweet and creamy treat.

At Mighty Leaf, one of our favorite things is when an inspired chef incorporates the natural flavors of tea into a wonderful new dish. That sort of creativity expands our understanding of tea and its many tastes and aromas. And it gives us something exciting to add to our culinary repertoire–if only we can figure out how to make it!

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce a partnership with Chef Vinita Jacinto! Together we’ll publish a series of stunning tea-based recipes right here on our blog. Every two weeks, Chef Jacinto will share a new way to take one of your favorite Mighty Leaf teas and turn it into a new mealtime treat.

Here’s Chef Jacinto’s introduction to our first scrumptious recipe:

Summer of Health Week Four Recap
8/27/2012  |  Community
Summer of Health Week Four Recap

Mighty Leaf fans of all kinds kept the #SummerOfHealth going strong in week four. And even though we'€™re nearing the home stretch, this week'€™s social champions have some great images to share.

The most eye-catching entry this week is a lovely photo by Erica Mitchell (@mosingbel on Twitter) posted on Twitter. Her pitcher and glass of iced tea are lit with slanting afternoon sunlight. Each glows with the inviting color of honey. If this picture isn'€™t a celebration of iced tea, I don'€™t know what is! Congrats Erica!

Our other winner, David Molina (@davidcmolina) also posted a lovely picture to Twitter. €œGreen tea + ice = iced green tea,” he wrote. But in case you aren'€™t the mathematical type, there'€™s a great tabletop picture to illustrate his point. Iced tea has rarely looked so refined.

We greatly appreciate Erica and David’s contributions and look forward to hearing from more of you this week. Social winners get tea gifts from Mighty Leaf all for posting health-related pics and tips to our Facebook wall or tweeting with the #SummerOfHealth hash tag. Have a wonderful, healthy week! Cheers!

Be sure to enter the #SummerOfHealth Giveaway! The winner will receive $100 in iced tea!

Summer of Health Week Three Recap
8/20/2012  |  Community
Summer of Health Week Three Recap

Week three was another strong showing for tea lovers in the #SummerOfHealth contest! Without further ado, here are our social winners:

The most heart-warming post of the week came from Stephany Mason on Facebook. She shared a picture of her kids playing with a sprinkler in the yard–a great way to stay both cool and active. It takes me back to the days when a simple sprinkler could be the source of so much excitement and fun. Thanks Stephany! I’ll be sending you a little iced tea prize to show my appreciation.

Janet Kenney offered up a great confession on Facebook about how she came to love tea after disliking it in her younger days. She admits, €œThis has been a huge change for me, but after hearing about all the health & diet benefits, I had to try it!€ I'€™m so happy you'€™ve ditched the sugary sodas for the antioxidant goodness of tea. Soon you'€™ll have even more tea to indulge your new love.

Many thanks for Stephany and Janet and everyone who sent us pictures and posts! If you’d like a chance to win free iced tea, post photos or messages on our wall to tell us what you are doing to stay healthy this summer. On Twitter, be sure to include the #SummerOfHealth tag so we can find it.

Have a healthy week! And don’t forget to enter our #SummerOfHealth Giveaway here.