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Cooking with Tea: The Culinary Journey Begins

Just like spices, herbs or fruits, tea is perfect for flavoring beverages, savory foods, baked goods and desserts. Tea is not just the world's second most popular beverage after water, but is a popular ingredient added to foods around the globe.

This is really not such a far-out idea, since people were eating tea a couple of thousand years ago. It's relatively simple to substitute concentrated tea of liquids in many baking recipes. Sweet breads and muffins seem particularly suited to this substitution.

Diana Rose, coauthor of Cooking with Tea, suggests that if you slowly brew tea at room temperature for about twenty to thirty minutes, the resulting infusion will be free of bitterness and astringency and will be even better than quickly brewed tea in various recipes. Of course, you wouldn't want to drink tea brewed like this, as it would be much too strong. She also suggested using spring water instead of distilled water for a superior product.

Brewed tea can also be used in marinades and basting sauces, or as flavoring for stir-fry. Just be sure to choose a flavor of tea that will enhance your meat or poultry.

Next time you are boiling eggs and want to add some thing a little unusual, boil the eggs in black tea, and during the last few minutes of cooking, remove the eggs, crack the shells, and return them to the liquid to continue to cook. This results in beautiful 'marbled' look.

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