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How To Use Your Wish List:

1. Add to Wish List:

While shopping on our site, click the "Add to Wish List" button to save your favorite items to purchase later. 




2. Manage Wish List:

Log in to your account and under "Wish List" click on "Manage Wish List". 



3. Creating a Wish List to send to Friends and Family:

You can create a Wish List and send to friends and family. If you want to be notified when someone has made a purchase from your Wish List you click the "Show Purchases" field. You can also designate a preferred shipping address that someone can send items to from your Wish List.



4. Sending the Wish List to Friends and Family:

When you are ready to send your Wish List to friends or family click on the "Send to a Friend" button.






5. Adding Friends and Family Email Addresses:

You will be able to enter email addresses and a personal note to the individuals receiving your Wish List.





*Remember to add an item to your wish list you need a Mighty Leaf online account and be logged on. Login or create a Mighty Leaf account.