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ML Spa Tea Gift Box
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ML Spa Tea Gift Box

An invitation to relaxation, the ML Spa Tea Gift Box is our take on the traditional tea chest.  Indulge in the decadence of artisan-crafted whole leaf tea packaged in a silken tea pouch, our gourmet teabag. Nestled inside are 30 commercially compostable1 tea pouches in the following blends: African Amber Organic, Ginger Twist, Verbena Mint Organic, Jade Organic, White Lotus and Jasmine Mist Organic.

African Amber Organic
Rooibos leaves, natural tropical flavors, natural flavors, hibiscus flowers, rose petals, mallow blossoms, marigold flowers

Ginger Twist
Lemongrass, mint, lemon, orange, licorice, apple, papaya, ginger, ginseng, natural flavors

Verbena Mint Organic
Organic verbena leaf, organic peppermint

Jade Organic
Organic green tea

White Lotus
White tea, ginger, lemon myrtle

Jasmine Mist Organic
Organic green tea, jasmine flowers





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ML Spa Tea Gift Box view #1 ML Spa Tea Gift Box view #2