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Green Teas From Japan

Sourcing New Mighty Leaf Green Teas From Japan

We recently returned from our journey to the Shizuoka tea growing region of Japan. Shizuoka, meaning tranquil hills in Japanese, is located on the Pacific Ocean in eastern Japan. With the perfect combination of terrain, rich soil, climate, rainfall and dense coastal fog, some of the most premium tea leaves in the world are grown here. Today, almost half of all the green tea consumed in Japan is grown in Shizuoka Prefecture. This area is also famous because the great unifier of Japan, the Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu, decided to settle there. Japan entered into a never seen before 265-year Edo Era of peace under the Tokugawa Shogunate. The well known Mt. Fuji also resides in this lush, tea region.

We have sourced a variety of some wonderful first flush green teas for you to savor! They include a Gyokuro, Shinca, Karigane and Sencha Deep Roast, and are the best of what Japanese teas have to offer in aroma and flavor nuances. In the meantime, enjoy our travelogue slide show that takes you through the gardens, the picking of the leaves, tea market, the processing, and a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. This was a fascinating and spiritual experience for us to share here with you. Enjoy.

Gary & Jill Co-founders of Mighty Leaf

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