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Bodum Iced Tea Set
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Bodum Iced Tea Set

Our Bodum Iced Tea Set makes brewing fresh iced tea natural and easy using select Mighty Leaf loose tea and Bodum's iced tea pitcher. The starter set includes 4 ounces of loose tea and a 50-ounce dishwasher-safe pitcher.

Removable infuser holds tea pouches or loose tea. Can fit in most refrigerator doors.



Preparing the perfect iced tea is a process to be savored. Watch how the traditional elements harmoniously come together to make the perfect cup and enjoy the liberation of pure tea goodness.

This is what we call the Mighty Leaf signature multi-sensory ("sensory melange") tea experience. Come share with us and learn how to get infused. With the Bodum pitcher making iced tea is fun and easy.

The quality of tea is affected by the quality of water used to prepare it. Using filtered or bottled water is best. If possible, avoid brewing tea with tap, distilled or mineral water. Never over-boiling water, as it results in flat-tasting tea.

1) Heat filtered or bottled water to 205F for a black and herbal tea, and to 170F-180F for a green tea.

Whole Leaf Tea
For black and green tea add 4 tablespoons of tea to side brew column of the Bodum pitcher. For herbal tea add 6 tablespoons to side brew column.

Infusion Time
1) Pour boiling water over tea leaves filling pitcher up 2/3 way with boiling water. 2) Allow to steep: 3 - 5 minutes for black tea, 2 - 3 minutes for green tea, and 5 - 7 minutes for herbal infusions. 3) Pull out side brew column. Add enough ice so that the level of liquid rises to top of pitcher. 4) Allow to cool and refrigerate.

Savor the Leaf
Enjoy refreshing iced tea and rediscover the pleasure of the way tea was naturally meant to be. This is the magic of Mighty Leaf.