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The Café Scene of Belgrade

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The Café Scene of Belgrade June 27, 2007

The center of Belgrade, Serbia is like most old European towns and is a pedestrian-only area. This means that at any hour, you'll see countless hordes of people walking up and down in an effort to be seen. The space is made up of the large streets that stretch out from Trg Republika (Square of the Republic). These have been slowly swallowed up by the countless cafes over the years that seem to endlessly line them. Any corner that you think might be a dead end will have an inexplicable number of café tables lining the sidewalk with armies of waiters running back and forth to serve the tables that are constantly full.

The welcoming social atmosphere that surrounds the area makes it hard not to let your day drift away here. And of course, what's wrong with that? There are many locals who find it to be the best thing to do in Belgrade. When it's as hot as the summers almost always are here, the shade of the umbrellas and an ice cream (the best we've found in the Balkans) provide a most necessary relief.

So, what is a proper café menu for a day in the Belgrade center scene? We recommend starting with a good breakfast tea and maybe some simple cookies or a nice sour cherry pastry. Then, as lunch rolls around, you might want to think about getting a burek (something like a meat pastry, that is delicious and filling) at the nearby Klju? Pekara. Then, run back to the terraces café before the hardcore café citizens settle in for the night and have a Darjeeling to pep up your afternoon. As night rolls in, it's probably time to slow it down a bit and have a good green tea to see the rest of the day pass and then head on home to start all over again the next day.

Where: Trg Republika, Belgrade, Serbia
Tea: Organic Breakfast, Darjeeling Choice Estate, Green Tea Tropical