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Afternoon in Lletraferit

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Two tea lovers make their way around Europe with their Mighty Leaf

Afternoon in Lletraferit May 24, 2007

In Barcelona, Las Ramblas are mentioned in any tour guide that's worth its weight in your carryon bag. While this main area of the downtown is flocked to by travelers from around the world and is thus littered with the worst kind of restaurants and tourist traps, there are a number of spots just off the main drag that not many people find.

It was during our second day in Barcelona that we ventured to one of these spots in the heart of the Raval quarter called Lletraferit, which in Catalan means "hurt by words". It's a lovely little space on the fringe of the square by the Museum of Modern Art (MACBA), which is always full of skaters and other urban grunge tribes. In Lletraferit there are books on the shelves, little art exhibits on the walls, and the name is taken quite literally in the decorative direction of the interior to make it out to be a quiet, laidback, dark café for the literati and intellectuals at large. While later in the day the cigarette smoke can get pretty thick and add that "European flavor" that many people begrudgingly know, our stop in the afternoon was extremely mellow.

Beyond the space itself, there is the fact that is it is one of the few places in the city where you can get a good choice of loose leaf teas: they have quite a extensive menu of around 30, including several iced ones for the heat of the summer months.

After ordering a standard breakfast and a more exotic herbal tea called, "1001 nights," we sat down in the comfy black leather armchairs to sip. The afternoon sun crossed the narrow alleyways and a few more smokers drifted in with their papers or French novellas, drinking black coffee without sugar or snacking on one of the fresh fruit salads displayed at the bar. As we finished our cups, the couple at the next table wrote some letters and the waitress prepared some more fruit salad. We realized that the teas we had could have been easily duplicated and heavily improved upon by a Mighty Leaf selection of Chamomile Citrus and Organic Breakfast.

Where: Lletraferit, Carrer Joaquim Costa (Raval), Barcelona, Spain
Tea: Chamomile Citrus, Organic Breakfast