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The Cafes of Sarajevo

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The Cafes of Sarajevo July 7, 2007

We stayed in Sarajevo for a number of days, absorbing all of the cultural angles that ebbed and flowed from this crossroads of a city. Sure, we saw 12-year-old war damage in various states of repair, but we also saw a vibrant café scene that constantly breathed people and life. After all, for people to enjoy their national drink of Bosnian Coffee several times a day, that means they have to spend a lot of time in the café.

It was around the third or maybe even the fourth day we stayed there, where we realized we were going to have to take things in to our own hands to get a good cup of tea at a café here in Coffee Land. There are a number of tea brands that seem to have saturated the market and the only response you get when you ask, "So, what kind of teas do you have?" is, "All kinds: black, fruit, green…" This seems like a great rainbow of choices, until you find out that it is one of each and while the black may be drinkable, it certainly isn't very good. Oh, and let's not even talk about the fruit tea, which is nearly criminal to be called tea at all.

Admittedly, there is one spot called Café Karabit in the bookstore, BuyBook, where you can get a good loose leaf cup of tea. But, aside from living at that one spot, we did the fallback move that we know and love, which is to carry bags with us and ask for hot water. We wished not to offend our hosting city though and we enjoyed a nice black breakfast tea, with a nice rooibos, and a good mint flavored green tea daily. Toss in a white tea for later in the day and the aromas that waft up from a fresh cup create the perfect harmony for a slow days spent in the cafés of Sarajevo listening to the bells of Catholic churches mix with the Muslim call to prayer. Words do little to describe how amazing this sounds.

Where: Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina
Tea: Organic Breakfast, African Nectar, Marrakesh Mint