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Lunch for Two at ?ajna Hiša

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Lunch for Two at ?ajna Hiša July 27, 2007

Despite the nearly impossible pronunciation for English speakers, Ljubljana (lyu-blyah-nah) is one of the most charming Central European capital cities. It's definitely small and we felt that when walking around. But, it's still a wonderful mix of Austro-Hungarian and Art Nouveau architecture, embracing both sides of the meandering Ljublanica River.

We spent three days there, wandering around the compact city core, lounging along the side of the river, and just enjoying the overall quiet of the city. Somehow, even though the bars can be packed with people at night, there is stillness to the air outside the establishments. It's only once you walk inside that you are taken aback by the fact that there isn't a free table. Thankfully, there are enough places that you can always find a table somewhere and not have to wait. There was one place that we were happy to wait for, ?ajna Hiša (literally 'Tea House' in Slovenian.) It's on a main street of the old town, although the street is technically called Stari Trg or, Old Square. It's probably for the better that it's a square, because it's closed off to traffic and quite wide, allowing for ?ajna Hiša to have outdoor tables that are always worth the wait, even if there are freak rain showers in July.

Obviously ?ajna Hiša has tea and they have extremely good tea. The basics, like Darjeeling and Earl Grey are solid choices. They even have a few more adventurous blends, as well as fruit-only teas that people in Slovenian tend to go for more than the black or green brews. Besides the setting and mouth watering tea selection, there are also small dishes, with the exception of the salads which are massive. Our favorite item on the menu that we ate with great abundance was the Chicken Curry Sandwich. It's such a wonderful food to have with a tea, especially the Darjeeling. The spiciness and exotic flavors of that sandwich slip and blend with the tea so incredibly perfectly that it's no wonder we would see (as well as smell) someone ordering it about every 10 minutes.

Even though we had both been there before, Ljubljana was one of those places we were sad to leave, not just for the tea, but how the whole town embraces you while you're there.

Where: ?ajna Hiša, 1 Stari Trg, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Food: Chicken Curry Sandwich
Tea: Darjeeling Choice Estate, Organic Earl Grey