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Lunchtime Tea on Moufettard

Two tea lovers make their way around Europe with their Mighty Leaf

Lunchtime Tea on Moufettard
August 16, 2007
Moufettard Street

The street of Moufettard is more than just a wash of pavement to get from one square in Paris to another, it's a neighborhood in itself. Parked right in the Latin Quarter or Paris, this street seems to run endlessly with little bookshops, paper shops, and other knick knacks that eventually give way to succulent butcheries, cheese shops, and groceries. It's like walking an entire city in just one street. Naturally, this is a common thing in Paris, but that doesn't mean that you can't loose yourself in it like we did for the better part of a day.

One of the little squares along Moufettard opens up with a vast selection of restaurants that have outdoor seating. While they all have similar menus with similar prices (with the obvious exception of the Irish Pub that somehow snuck in there), you really can't go wrong. Given this, after our meanderings we simply chose a place to lunch that had the best view. Oh, they also had a goat cheese salad bathed in light vinaigrette that was nothing short of perfection built from lettuce. Then of course there was a filet of sole served on a bed of red and yellow peppers that was a testament to everything the French do well, which is pretty much every food there is.

We ate slowly and enjoyed the tree-lined square despite a rather gloomily overcast afternoon. You don't often get to enjoy flavors like this, so we wanted to make them last. Most importantly, once we finished, we didn't want to kill them either and add to the enjoyment by choosing a tea that would make the meal even more perfect. We chose the earl grey. Why would we do that, when earl grey normally has such a strong flavor? Simple. It was one of the few teas that we thought of which would allow us to savor the meal, but at the same time, savor the tea by being one of the few leaf blends that is strong enough not to overpower or wash away the tea, while offering some flavors of its own. While this may not make sense, it ended up being the perfect choice. Of course, the only thing left that could spoil the meal at this point was the bill, converted from euros in to dollars… But such is traveling and you have to enjoy the good things to enjoy the journey.

Where: Place de la Contrespace, Paris, France
Food: Goat Cheese Salad, Filet of Sole
Tea: Organic Earl Grey