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Meat and Tea in Novi Sad

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Meat and Tea in Novi Sad July 2, 2007

About two hours north of Belgrade lies Novi Sad (literally, "the new now" in Serbian); the second biggest city in Serbia. The people of Belgrade live their days in assembled remnants of different empires and architectures, Novi Sad really only has one look to it: Austro-Hungarian. We were really surprised at how it could have easily been mistaken for any city in Austria with Baroque fronts to the buildings and Catholic church spires rising above evenly-spaced squares.

Where Belgrade is a city buzzing with the running energy of two million people, Novi Sad is as quiet as the water of the Danube that passes alongside it. This isn't to say that people there don't like their café scene though. Umbrellas, chairs, and tables are in great abundance and after a day of walking around, they were a welcome sight to catch the light of the sunset that was cutting across them. We were tired form the very strong heat of the day. This called for a strong breakfast tea, because dinner was waiting and even though Novi Sad looks and behaves nothing like Belgrade, the food is much the same: meat and lots of it.

Once the sun set and we finished our tea, we headed on to dinner at a place called Zlatiborsko Prozor?e. The food was great and yes, lots of meat that was great. But, after grilled chicken, oven cooked steak, lamb kebab, baked potatoes, some other mixed meat grills, and a šopska salad (feta, cucumber, tomato, and olive oil), we needed something to clean the palate before calling it a night. Any black or green tea would have been too much at ten o'clock, so the perfect choice ended up being a white tea. Perfect to help the stomach with the two cows and three sheep we had eaten (at least).

Where: Novi Sad, Serbia
Tea: Organic Breakfast, White Orchard