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The Elusive Tea of Saint Mark's Square

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The Elusive Tea of Saint Mark's Square August 5, 2007

The impressive nature to the square at Saint Mark's Square in Venice is undeniable by anyone who has been there, or even just seen picture. There's really no other place like it in the world that we've seen, with its amazing portico surrounding it, its layout, and of course all the impressive buildings on it, especially Saint Mark's cathedral. The Venetians really had a flair for the dramatic architecture and everything that they left behind is simply quite staggering.

These days the most staggering thing after the number of people that are constantly flowing in and out of the square, are the number of café tables there. We knew that they were overpriced, but this isn't something that we do on a daily basis, so we should enjoy it the best way there is.

It can be hard to choose from this sea of chairs that are color-coded to each café, because in the end they all have the same offerings; great coffee with some sweets and other things, but really, no tea for drinking. However, we obviously came prepared for this, since Italy really is coffee country. As a side note, if you are a coffee fan, avoid any café that serves cappuccino after noon because that just isn't done by Italians and the sure sign of a tourist trap.


So, we picked a café at random with a good menu of sweet things, because we wanted to enjoy a lighter, fruitier tea. It was a hot, sticky day that couldn't really decide if it wanted to rain or bathe us in sun, so it just didn't seem right for a black tea. With a strange look from the waiter, two cups of hot water later and a few delicious sfogliatelli scones later, we were set to take in Saint Mark's.

After an hour of enjoying tea with a view of the square and tourists from literally every part of the world, we took our leave and headed off in search of the other worldly delights from Venice such as handmade stationary, Murano glass, papier maché masks, and of course, more prosciutto and mozzarella!

Where: Saint Mark's Square, Venice, Italy
Food: Sfogliatelli scones
Tea: Ginger Twist, Organic Mint Melange