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The Beaches of Budva

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Two tea lovers make their way around Europe with their Mighty Leaf

The Beaches of Budva June 19, 2007

Budva (pronounced Bood-vah) is a very touristy town in the middle of the coast of newly independent Montenegro that is visited by few Western Europeans and next to no Americans. It had been and continues to be the main summer destination for people living in Belgrade, Serbia as well as a great many Russians and other Eastern Europeans. This lends it an exotic feel as you almost never hear English unless you have to ask someone to speak it. But, overall, the town is a lot like Santa Cruz, California and is not some backwards place with donkey carts. There is a very long promenade that runs parallel to the beach and leads you to the walled old city eventually. It has a little something for everyone, but most importantly, it has a lot of sun.

In staying there for three days, we found that we covered all the sites quickly and realized that we should do as those in Budva do and go to fry on the beach. It took only a couple hours of 96 degrees and nearly 100% humidity to make us run for cover from the sun. We felt like a couple of really weak Californians and were amazed at the people that would spend and entire day out there roasting to a reddish/brownish hue like a raisin. Luckily, second only to the massive abundance of sun in Budva, there is also a massive abundance of cafes, to which we ran for shade.

With our brains cooling, we ordered up some boiling water for tea. We're sure this isn't the most logical choice to people, but there's a secret to this, in that you want to drink a mint tea. It's something that those in Northern Africa do and they claim it keeps them cool, so we decided to put it to the test. While it doesn't really keep you cool, there is some kind of effect that it has on your body wherein it levels out your head and you don't feel blown out by the heat. Weird, but true and it allowed us another day to brown.

Where: Budva, Montenegro
Food: Pistachio Ice Cream
Tea: Organic Mint Mélange