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Tea in the Boulangerie

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Two tea lovers make their way around Europe with their Mighty Leaf

Tea in the Boulangerie August 15, 2007

For those who haven't seen it, Place de la Republique (or The Square of the Republic) is much like other central squares in Paris. It has a large statue in the middle and an endless, swarming flood of traffic around it. At night, the crowd gets a bit questionable, but it was morning and we were breathing in the fresh, damp air of our first morning in Paris. And along with that freshness and feeling of newness (despite the fact we've both been to Paris before) was the sighting of a small boulangerie across the square. Gathering ourselves up, we made our way to this beckoning point of all things breakfast and delicious.

It was quite a shock to step inside to find that not only were there teas available, but that they were good teas. The boulangerie itself was nothing incredibly special. It had all the standard accoutrements: some outdoor seating, breads, sweets, and a general feel of Old World Paris. We didn't choose it for its charm, but for its selection of tasty things for breakfast and of course, the fact that you could have good tea.

We chose a seat, grabbed two croissants (cliché yes, but they're oh so delicious when in Paris) and waited for our tea selection. The girl behind the counter came out with it quickly and we inhaled the deep aromas of a proper breakfast tea. While not the smoky flavors you get just a stone's toss over the English Channel, it was still quite good. Once steeped, we poured up two cups and found what we knew was most likely always the case: croissants don't have to be had with coffee. The buttery, flaky crushed of these simple breads gets cut through and mixed with the breakfast tea to perfect levels. In addition to being a great breakfast, it gave us the base we needed to take on our first day in Paris.

Where: Place de la Republique, Paris, France
Food: Croissant
Tea: Organic Breakfast