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Breakfasts in Kor?ula with a view

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Breakfasts in Kor?ula with a view June 15, 2007

Kor?ula is an island which is a short swim or a much more convenient short ferry ride from the mainland of Croatia. Visited by thousands of tourists each year, it's amazing how it's remained a quiet place with a small old city to wander by day and restaurants by the harbor to have the freshest fish from at night.

For us, it was really the mornings that were the best though, especially if you manage to find a small apartment to rent like we did, which has its kitchen window open up to a view of the walled old city and the small harbor.

This view is priceless in the morning when the sun crests over the top of the grey mountains of the Peljesac Peninsula that sits behind the city, in mainland Croatia. It's at this moment, with the summer day starting to heat up that you want to be sitting somewhere with a breeze, where you can see the old town, with a cup of tea and your breakfast. You might end up spending two or three hours slowly eating breakfast, but hey, that's what a vacation on a Croatian island is for.

Just make sure to be completely stocked up on the wonderful fruits that are grown in Croatia (all organic), such as juicy peaches (breskva in Croatian) or apricots (marelica). Add some bread from a local maker and jam from the abundant Kor?ula figs (smokva) and you have the perfect summer breakfast.

The strength of a good breakfast tea is countered very well with the sweetness of these items and they're very, very tasty as well. If you're really lucky, find a bit of home made honey (med) from a local store to add to the breakfast tea if you like a sweeter black tea or just want to enjoy a fragrant cup first thing in the morning, to match the fruits and the view.

Where: Kor?ula Grad, Kor?ula Island, Croatia
Food: Seasonal fruits such as apricots and peaches with toast
and locally-made fig jam and/or honey
Tea: Organic Breakfast