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Tea on the Danube

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Two tea lovers make their way around Europe with their Mighty Leaf

Tea on the Danube June 29, 2007

Belgrade has the distinction of being at the confluence of two major rivers: the Sava and the Danube. Where the two rivers meet, there is the sharp swirling of colors, as well as a lot of general boat and marine traffic. At the foot of the Kalemegdan fortress, there is Café Bellavista which has one of the best views of this aquatic congress. The interior is quite slick and tastefully done, but most importantly, it's also very comfortable and allows you sit for awhile and admire a setting sun in front of you and people walking around the edge of the city, taking an evening walk before super.

We probably never would have found the spot on our own because a distant family member led us to it, as he likes the quiet atmosphere that it offers, when compared to the buzz of the hundreds of cafes lined up in the city center. He also told us about how busy it gets when the summer (which they really only count as July and August) comes and people are literally living on the water to keep cool. He pointed us to a small spot in the middle of the water where a few boats seemed anchored. Apparently a small island forms due to the confluence of the two rivers and people get an "island" for a couple of weeks.

This was all good fun, but what kind of tea suits the moment for full relaxation? It was hot and the sun was reflecting off the Danube water, tanning us whether we wanted it or not. So, we went with a mint and a citrus tea. While very different, they seemed fitting as we watched the paths of these two rivers mix as they have done for centuries.

Where: Café Marina, Belgrade, Serbia
Tea: Marrakesh Mint, Chamomile Citrus