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Resting with a Cup in Venice

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Two tea lovers make their way around Europe with their Mighty Leaf

Resting with a Cup in Venice August 1, 2007

We're of the opinion that there are two difficult things about visiting Venice. The first is making sure you have a map, because yes, you will get lost. The second is dragging your luggage through the main Venice island during high season.

Upon arriving in Santa Lucia train station, we took care of the map issue immediately at the crowded tourist office at the station. Getting our luggage down to Giudecca, that long island to the south of the "fish" of main Venice, proved to be more of a chore.

Sure, the vaporettos (public boats) are good and they get you there, but if you take the wrong one, it makes for a longer trip, and that happens quite often. Then, if you get off at the wrong stop, all those cute, little bridges that are part of the allure of Venice become the most evil thing in the world with rolling luggage and under the August sun.

However, once we got to our hotel in the middle of the afternoon, all was quickly forgiven when we looked out of the window to see Venetian palaces across the main canal as we looked at each other in excitement and said, "We're in Venice!"

After a short nap, we realized that we were too tired as well as too hungry to join the flocks of tourists migrating into places like Saint Mark's Square. So, we popped over to the local Giudecca market and got two of the best things there are in Italy: prosciutto and mozzarella.

We then returned to the hotel, made up two cups of chai, and went out to the nearest bridge that had defied our luggage earlier and sat down by the water to watch the boats passing by. While obviously two very cheap tourists, we were also two very happy tourists because not only was the food wonderfully tasty, and the sunset on the canal striking, but the chai was great to finish off such rich and heavy food with its spicy aromas and deep body. It all got us prepared to tackle Tourist Central the next day.

Where: Fondamenta Sant Angelo, Giudecca Island, Venice, Italy
Food: Prosciutto and Bufalo Mozzarella
Tea: Bombay Chai