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Tea Beneath the Falls of Kravica

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Tea beneath the Falls of Kravica July 9, 2007

About a half hour "southish" of Mostar, there is a set of waterfalls that are a bit tricky to find. We had been visiting the wineries of Herzegovina, following the new Vinska Cesta (Wine Road) when we saw these waterfalls on the map. It was late in the day. We had definitely had more than enough wine and so we set about making our way there.

With one or two wrong turns under our belt, we managed to find the decidedly unmarked turnoff that led to a small road that then twisted along the side of a ravine to open up on the waterfalls. While not Niagara or anything as massive as Yosemite, they were still quite impressive, with a series of falls pounding down from a height of about 50 feet around the rim of what looked like the crater of an asteroid impact.

We made our way down to the falls and stood on a narrow footbridge that spanned the pool. Here the falls collected and was a spot filled with laughing children, locals, as well as a great deal of tourists who, like us had seemed to find the place (the Czechs seem to find anything like this somehow.) The area was lush and green. The falls spread out like fingers through the tree roots and flowed everywhere. And of course, the sun was setting behind the top of the falls, which just added to the allure.

Shockingly, there were two cafés and a restaurant at the base of the falls. Some entrepreneurial souls saw a demand in one hell of a setting. We took a break from staring at the falls like dumbfounded children and sat down in one of the cafés. Naturally, there was no tea to be found anywhere on the menu. So, we did as we always did in this situation and got two cups of hot water. But, once we started steeping two bags of white tea from our stash, we realized that we weren't really in the mood to get hotter on this already very hot day, while sitting in front of these refreshing, cool falls. We put two and two together and once the tea was steeped, we took out the bags and set the cups in the water that was running right by our table. It took only a matter of minutes to chill and was delicious. A single cup was all it took to see the sun finish setting and get our heads clear for the drive back to Mostar.

Where: Slapovi Kravice, Bosnia Herzegovina
Tea: White Orchard