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Green Tea Latte Set
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Green Tea Latte Set

The Green Tea Latte Set is ideal for frothing up your own hot or iced green tea lattes at home or work. You can whip up a latte like your favorite barista by adding our Matcha Green Tea Latte & Frappe Mix to milk or soy. Use the Bodum Milk Frother Set to make foam and pile as high as you like. Finally, to enjoy serve in Bodum's luminous Pavina Double Wall Glasses that are 12 oz. and scratch-resistant.  

Create this tea experience that includes:

Matcha Green Tea Latte & Frappe Mix: Matcha green tea mix ready to make hot or chilled lattes

Bodum Pavina Double Wall Glasses: Set of 2 lighweight, 12 oz. durable borosilicate glasses that insulates

Bodum Milk Frother: With the push of a button, use the multi-functional, black plastic and battery-powered milk frother to prepare tea lattes.

Tea Latte (makes 8 oz. cup)
Heat 8 oz. of milk* in a pan and then pour into the glass beaker.  Froth milk* with the Bodum Milk Frother or whisk. Add 1 Tbsp of Matcha Green Tea Latte & Frappe Mix and stir or whisk vigorously. Pour into a cup and enjoy.