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Green Tea Lovers Starter Set
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Green Tea Lovers Starter Set

The Green Tea Lovers Starter Set provides the perfect introduction to the world of green tea. Enjoy our top-rated signature Green Tea Tropical and classic flavors like Organic Spring Jasmine and Organic Hojicha. We've paired these customer favorites with signature teaware to complete your starter set: our Ceramic Tea Mug for tea at home or the office and the patented TeaTop Brew Mug for brewing Tea Pouches on the go.

Create this Starter Set that Includes:

Green Tea Tropical: Green tea leaves infused with sweet tropical notes (15 pouches)

Organic Spring Jasmine: Arabian jasmine blossoms scent China green tea leaves (15 pouches)

Organic Hojicha: Slow roasted green tea leaves yield a rich nutty brew (15 pouches)

TeaTop Brew Mug: A 12 oz. stainless steel traveling teapot designed specially for brewing tea pouches

Mighty Leaf Ceramic Mug: A 12 oz. glazed ceramic mug perfect for your favorite tea.

Note: Logo on mug may vary slightly.