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Herbal Tea Lovers Starter Set
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Herbal Tea Lovers Starter Set

The Herbal Tea Lovers Starter Set is the ideal introduction to some of our top-rated caffeine free herbal tea infusions. Packed with whole leaf herbs, spices and fruit, discover flavors that will dance on your palate like Chamomile Citrus, Organic African Nectar and Organic Mint Melange. We've paired these customer favorites with signature teaware to complete your starter set: our Ceramic Tea Mug for tea at home or the office and the patented TeaTop Brew Mug for brewing Tea Pouches on the go.

Create this Starter Set that Includes:

Chamomile Citrus: An herbal infusion of chamomile, hibiscus, rose hips, citrus slices (15 pouches)

Organic African Nectar: African rooibos leaves teem with lively tropical notes (15 pouches)

Organic Mint Melange: A well rounded infusion of fresh mint leaves (15 pouches)

TeaTop Brew Mug: A 12 oz. stainless steel traveling teapot designed specially for brewing tea pouches

Mighty Leaf Ceramic Mug: A 12 oz. glazed ceramic mug perfect for your favorite tea.

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