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Iced Tea Collection
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Iced Tea Collection

Make iced tea by brewing our signature tea pouches by the glass! We have selected several artisan-crafted Tea Pouches that taste particularly great served over ice, in varying caffeine levels. Featuring Orange Dulce, Green Tea Tropical, Marrakesh Mint, Organic African Nectar and Organic Detox Infusion.

Contains 15 individually-wrapped, compostable Tea Pouches


How to brew single serve iced tea.

All you need to get started are glasses, hot water and ice.

Use one Tea Pouch per 16 oz. glass.

For black tea and herbal infusions, pour 6 oz. of boiling water over your Tea Pouch. For green tea, pour 6 oz. of 170-180 degree water over your Tea Pouch.

Brew black tea and herbal infusions for 4-5 minutes; green tea should brew for 3 minutes.

Remove pouch and let tea cool to room temperature.

Fill the cup with 10 oz. of ice and enjoy.

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