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Matcha Green Tea Frappe & Latte Mix - 4 oz.
Matcha Green Tea Frappe & Latte Mix - 4 oz. view #1

Matcha Green Tea Frappe & Latte Mix - 4 oz.

Caffeine Level: Less

Create your own green tea latte, frappe or smoothie at home or the office with our Matcha Green Tea Latte & Frappe Mix.  Easy and convenient to make, simply add the green tea powder mix to milk or soy milk.  Heat on stovetop or with espresso machine steam maker for green tea latte, or blend with ice for smoothie and frappe.

Matcha is premium green tea powder made in Japan from the whole green tea leaf.  Traditionally whisked with water and consumed entirely unlike loose tea leaves, Matcha provides a more concentrated green tea experience with a smooth and vegetal flavor. 

    • 4 oz. frappe mix in bag
    • 1 rounded tbsp. per 8 oz. cup

Matcha green tea powder, sugar, pectin


Tea Latte (makes 8 oz. cup)
Heat 8 oz. of milk* in a pan and then froth with a milk frother or whisk. Add 1 Tbsp of Matcha Green Tea Latte & Frappe Mix and stir or whisk vigorously. Pour into a cup and enjoy.

Tea Smoothie or Frappe (makes 8 oz. cup)
Fill an 8 oz. cup with 4-5 cubes ice and plain milk*. Pour into a blender and add 1 Tbsp of Matcha Green Tea Latte & Frappe mix into the blender and blend until smooth. 
 *One can use soy milk.


Our Matcha Green Tea Latte & Frappe Mix is perfect for making delicious green tea latte, smoothies or frappes.

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