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Oolong Tea Starter Set
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Oolong Tea Starter Set

Our Oolong Tea Starter Collection Set is the perfect introduction to the world of oolong teas. Handmade oolong teas have complex flavors that vary widely based upon place of origin and how they are picked and processed. Fully appreciate the flavor by using the Piao I Multiple Infusions Teapot - it provides a convenient way to enjoy oolongs that thrive during multiple infusions. Savor the complexity of aromas and flavors that develop with infusions of Ti Kuan Yin, Phoenix Bird Select and Magnolia Oolong in our handmade Glass Double Wall Tea Bowls.

Create this starter set that includes:

Pia I Multiple Infusions Teapot: An award-winning 16.9 oz. durable glass teapot perfect for making loose teas

Small Double Wall Glass Tea Bowls: Set of 2 handmade double wall glass tea bowls that each hold 5 oz.

Ti Kuan Yin: A classic oolong named after the Chinese Goddess of Mercy with a delicate fruit flavor and floral aroma

Phoenix Bird Select: A long twisted leaf Chinese oolong with flavors of nectarines and honey with a woodsy finish

Magnolia Oolong: A delicate and floral Chinese oolong scented with magnolia blossoms