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Pu-erh Tea Starter Set
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Pu-erh Tea Starter Set

Discover the unique world of pu-erh teas with our Pu-erh Tea Starter Set. Renowned for their potential health benefits including aiding digestion and weight loss, pu-erh teas are fully fermented teas that age over time resulting in complex ricn and earthy flavors. We love pu-erhs paired with our handmade Wabi Sabi Gaiwan, a traditional Chinese lidded tea bowl that is easy to use for mutiple infusions and drinking of tea.  Explore the nuances of pu-erh with our Chrysanthemum, Mocha Truffle, Rose Toucha and Ancient Trees (not pictured) pu-erh teas.

Create this tea experience that includes:

Wabi Sabi Gaiwan: A ceramic 4.5 oz gaiwan that you can use to steep teas with lid in place. When ready to drink you can either sip right from the cup (cup has built in strainer in lid) or strain into another vessel for consumption.

Chrysanthemum Pu-erh: A rich, black tea with hints of cocao balanced with buttery notes of chrysanthemum flowers

Mocha Truffle Pu-erh: Small earthy black tea leaves rich blended with chocolate chips, orange and cacao nibs

Rose Toucha Pu-erh: A rich, opulent tea pressed into a tuocha or "bowl" shape with hints of rose

Ancient Trees Pu-erh: Large leaves impart a full-bodied and rich flavor experience almost like a malty dark beer