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Tea Latte Starter Set
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Tea Latte Starter Set

Our Tea Latte Starter Set provides a convenient and inexpensive way to make your own tea lattes at home or in the office. The set includes 3 boxes of customer favorite Organic Earl Grey, Vanilla Bean and Chocolate Mint Truffle Tea Pouches, and a set of 2 Bodum Pavina 12 oz. Double Wall Glasses. You can find detailed tea latte recipes listed here, but the basics for a 12 oz. serving are:

  1. Steep one tea pouch in 6 oz. boiling water for time shown on pouch tag in Bodum Pavina Glass.
  2. While tea steeps, froth 6 oz. heated milk with Bodum Milk Frother in glass beaker.
  3. Remove tea pouch, add frothed milk and sugar or sweetner to taste.  Enjoy!

Create this Starter Set that Includes:

    • Bodum Milk Frother  
    • Set of 2 Bodum Pavina 12 oz. Double Wall Glasses. Made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass
    • 1 box each of 15 Organic Earl Grey, 15 Vanilla Bean & 15 Orange Dulce Tea Pouches