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Cat Lovers Rooibos Tea Set
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Cat Lovers Rooibos Tea Set

The Cat Yixing Tea Mug is made from a unique, dark brown clay found near Yixing, China. This is the same material used for some of the most prized teaware on the planet. Stoneware made of this clay is porous and unglazed, allowing it to absorb tea flavors. Over multiple brews, a yixing vessel can contribute to the flavor complexity of the tea it holds.

This set contains one Yixing Mug with a decorative cat handle and a 15-count box of Organic African Nectar. Because of its ability to absorb flavor, this mug is recommended for use with only one type of tea.

• Handmade mug is perfect for tea pouches or loose tea
• Mug has a 15 oz. capacity
• Not microwavable or dishwasher-safe

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