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Mighty Leaf Sourcing Credo

Mighty Leaf values strong relationships with our supply-chain partners to ensure adherence to important social, economic and quality standards. Global tea and botanical production can only be sustainable if it is economically viable and socially responsible at all levels of the supply chain.

Is Mighty Leaf Tea “fair trade” certified?
Mighty Mighty Leaf Tea is not “fair trade” certified under Transfair USA because our artisan tea blends contain a unique combination of whole tea leaves, fruits, herbs and spices, which deem it nearly impossible to source all ingredients from farms that are certified “fair trade”. But Mighty Leaf Tea Company has developed guidelines for its suppliers based on four (4) criteria.

Quality Baselines:
All teas and herbs sourced by or for Mighty Leaf must meet our quality standards to be considered for purchase. Maintaining high quality is an integral component of sustainability at all levels of the tea supply chain.

Social Conditions:
The standards for tea and herbal production should ensure protection from unsafe working conditions and conform to local regulations and international standards related to employee wages and benefits, occupational health and safety, and labor and human rights. Our Founders have visited a number of tea gardens to witness first hand the commitment to these principles. 

Economic Issues:
Tea and herbal production should benefit rural communities by boosting producer incomes, expanding employment and enhancing local community infrastructure and social services. We encourage our suppliers to purchase directly from the tea gardens thus eliminating tea wholesalers and increasing tea farming income.  In addition, Mighty Leaf Tea provides monetary support to non-profit organizations who share our goals to support local communities and to improve the lives of artisans around the world. 

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