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PRIDE Industries - Outsourced Solution Creating Jobs for Disabled

Mighty Leaf selected PRIDE Industries, one of the nation's largest nonprofit employers of people with disabilities to provide a selection of outsourcing solutions to meet the company's product assembly, packaging, fufillment and distribution needs. PRIDE is a nonprofit social enterprise operating in 13 states and the nation’s capital. It employs and serves more than 4,900 people, including more than 2,800 people with disabilities.PRIDE creates jobs for people with disabilities through its own business divisions, and in partnership with others in the community. With more than 47 years of proven expertise in preparing people with disabilities for employment, PRIDE shifts the focus from disabilities to capabilities, proving there are solid business benefits to choosing PRIDE Industries.

Learn about our Okayti Darjeeling Tea Partnership

Mighty Leaf Tea entered into a tea partnership with the Okayti Tea Estate in Darjeeling India in the fall of 2007. Fifteen hectares (37 acres) of land were cleared of old plants in a virgin area of the Okayti estate reserved for Mighty Leaf organic tea production. With the soil readied to receive the small tea plantlings, it will take 3-5 years before the tea plants can be harvested on the Mighty Leaf mountainside. In the meantime, Okayti Darjeeling tea will be implemented into Mighty Leaf’s Organic Darjeeling Estate tea, available both in Tea Pouches and loose tea.

Read about the cow program at the Okayti Estate.

Mighty Leaf Good Partner Initiatives


The Loinorn Tea Garden features 2,000 sprawling acres of tea leaves that Mighty Leaf features in their iced tea program. In 2007, Mighty Leaf participated in the Loinorn Tea Garden’s Estate Worker Well-Being Program in several capacities. Mighty Leaf helped fund the building of the Loinorn Garden community center that will house health activities, children’s activities, health exams, seniors and children’s health forums and information gatherings. It will be a center that will also be available for healthcare professionals to give health talks. Additionally, they contributed to the Children’s Reading Project at the tea estate which includes eye examinations and reading glass donations for school children.


Mighty Leaf released the Abaca Collection in 2006, featuring boxes crafted by hand by Distant Village artisans from the Philippines. In conjunction with the launch of the new collection, Mighty Leaf sponsored the education of several artisans’ children, which then continued in 2007. From Distant Village interviews with artisan workers, it was learned that 80% of the average worker’s monthly income is spent for the education of their children, so the scholarship fund and educational sponsorship gives the artisans less financial worries, which then contribute to a healthier work / life balance, enabling their families and children an opportunity to succeed in life.


In 2007, Mighty Leaf funded and started an afternoon tea program at a local orphanage in Marrakesh. Everyday from 3-4 p.m. the 268 children partook in a spread offering tea and milk, along with snacks of bread with butter and marmalade. Snack time became an opportunity for a daily ritual, giving the children time to relax and be rejuvenated.