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Magic of Mighty Leaf

Our Tea Pouches

Enjoy the whole leaf difference—Our Artisan-Crafted Whole Leaf Tea Pouches, our gourmet twist on the traditional tea bag.

We invite you to explore the world of Mighty Leaf Tea and our specially created artisan-crafted whole leaf tea pouches. In ancient traditions across the world a freshly brewed pot filled with whole tea leaves is revered as the richest in character. Embodying that ideal, we created the silken Tea Pouch™ with the world's finest whole tea leaves, herbs, fruits and spices too big for ordinary tea bags.

The Mighty Leaf Tea Pouch™ was invented, created and pioneered in 1996. We created a proprietary process offering the convenience of precision, pre-portioned whole leaf servings as an alternative to the more labor intensive traditional loose tea preparation method. Without glue or staples, our unmatched process allows for larger whole leaves, without limitation to size, translating to an unsurpassed tea experience. Feel good about drinking our tea pouches knowing that they are commercially compostable.1 We made tea drinking simple and pure, so that you can enjoy the whole leaf difference in our convenient, easy-to-use Tea Pouches™ without a mess or hassle.

1For more information on what commercial compostability means, see our FAQs.


Get Infused

How do you get infused? Take a sip and come share with us the Mighty Leaf signature tea experience or what we like to call the “sensory mélange.”

  • Flavors and nuances that dance on your palate
  • Heady and intoxicating aromas
  • Silken to the touch, handcrafted, hand-stitched tea pouches
  • Whole leaf quality
  • A retreat into a sense of timelessness
  • Vibrant blossoming leaves
  • Tranquil swirling infusions of color
  • Soothing to the mind
  • Rejuvenating to the spirit