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Piao I Multiple Infusions Teapot

Piao I Multiple Infusions Teapot
The Piao I Multiple Infusions Teapot allows for precise brewing of loose leaf Mighty Leaf tea. Add leaves and hot water to the upper chamber and let it steep to desired consistency. Then press the button, and the patented system releases just the fresh tea into the lower container. The leaves remain up top, preventing an over-steeped pot. This is an ideal device for fans of Mighty Leaf oolongs, pu'ers or any teas suitable for multiple infusions.

Unique award-winning patented design
Outer container teapot made of durable glass
Inner cup and lid made of BPA free polycarbonate
Idea for multiple infusions as you can control steeping process
16.9 oz. capacity teapot, 6.5 oz. capacity inner cup
Dishwasher safe