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Bon Appetit

Bon Apetit

March 2005 Bon Apetit Cover

Matched to a Tea
By Amy Greeven

In restaurants both homey and haute, tea is ditching its fusty afternoon image and is being unveiled as an innovative partner for food. At the Samovar Tea Lounge in San Francisco, full-bodied Iron Goddess oolong tea is recommended as a foil for grill blue cheese and apple sandwiches, while at the French Room at the Adolphus Hotel in Dallas, chef William Koval recently introduced a complete tea-with-food-menu.
And thanks to the proliferation of artisanal whole leaf teas with incredible depth and complexity, any home cook can become and amateur tea sommelier. Experimentation breeds the best results, says Mighty Leaf cofounder Jill Portman, but as a general directive, green teas work well with fish and vegetables, classic black tea complement poultry, meat and fish. Aged Pu-erh tea is especially good with richer foods like steak and duck. Claret lovers may prove hard to convert, but Koval says, “ wines often steals the food’s thunder, whereas tea encourages contemplation; you slow down and really experience the food”. Who wouldn’t drink to that?


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