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Mighty Leaf Mfusions honored for innovation by NRA

Mighty Leaf Mfusions honored for innovation by NRA

SAN RAFAEL, CA, May 4, 2012 - Mighty Leaf Tea Company’s exciting new Mfusions lineup has received the Food & Beverage Product Innovations 2012 Award presented by the National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show May 5-8. Mfusions are groundbreaking blends of premium iced tea with real fruit, herbs and agave nectar designed to enhance any food service environment.

“The food service industry is eager for flexible premium beverage options that are healthful, all-natural, and great tasting,” said Gary Shinner, CEO of Mighty Leaf. “In that sense, tea is a product ripe for continued innovation, and we’re especially honored that the NRA and some of the industry’s most respected members singled out our work in this area.”

Mfusions perfectly combine two important beverage industry trends: the growing popularity of premium blended beverages and the demand for healthier, natural products. By taking calorie-free iced tea as a base and building flavors with pure fruit and herbs, Mighty Leaf has delivered a delicious product with a broad appeal across the marketplace. Fruit and herb blends include Mango Ginger, Pear Lemongrass and Mixed Berry Mint. Nearly any food service location can easily incorporate Mfusions into its menu. They are suitable for table service, tea bars, or on-the-go environments with a cold case.

As a company long at the vanguard of the premium tea market, Mighty Leaf Tea has a history steeped in innovation. The whole leaf tea bag that has come to dominate the sector was originally developed by Mighty Leaf. In 2006, the company specially redesigned its distinctive tea pouches to make them commercially compostable.1 Specialty Coffee Association of America awarded Mighty Leaf the “Best New Packaging” honor that same year in recognition of the achievement. And with Mfusions, the legacy of creativity continues.

About Mighty Leaf
Based in San Rafael, CA, Mighty Leaf blends a broad range of artisan specialty teas from the finest ingredients from around the world and distributes its brand primarily through specialty retailers, high-end restaurants and premier hotels and resorts across North America and globally. Its proprietary handcrafted manufacturing process and its distinctive packaging combine to make it a key premium brand with a strong affinity among loyal consumers. The company’s superior customer services and comprehensive customer support programs make Mighty Leaf a one-stop solution for retailers, food services distributors and hospitality providers.

1For more information on what commercial compostability means, see our FAQs.