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Mighty Leaf Variety
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Mighty Leaf Variety

Our Mighty Leaf Variety showcases a variety of our most popular handcrafted blends that dance on your palate.

Includes the following: Green Tea Tropical, Chamomile Citrus, Organic Earl Grey, Organic Spring Jasmine, Organic African Nectar, Orange Dulce, Organic Breakfast. The box contains 15 individually cello wrapped commercially compostable1 Tea Pouches.


We invite you to review the character overview of the tea pouch blends under their individual product names as listed in the Mighty Leaf Tea Pouch menu.

Preparing the perfect cup of tea is a process to be savored. Watch how the traditional elements harmoniously come together to make the perfect cup and enjoy the liberation of pure tea goodness. This is what we call the Mighty Leaf signature multi-sensory ("sensory melange") tea experience. Come share with us and learn how to get infused.

The quality of tea is affected by the quality of water used to prepare it. Using filtered or bottled water is best. If possible, avoid brewing tea with tap, distilled or mineral water. Never over-boil water, as it results in flat-tasting tea.

1) Heat filtered or bottled water to a rolling boil or to 205F for black teas and herbal infusions; for green teas to 170-180F. 2) While the water is heating pour hot water into your teapot and cups, let sit and then drain completely. A warm teapot will maintain the requisite temperature for superior tasting

Whole Leaf Tea
Slowly open up our specially created, sensually handcrafted tea pouch and enjoy the aroma of fresh whole tea leaves. Use one Mighty Leaf tea pouch per cup.

Infusion Time
Pour water over tea pouch. Time steeping carefully. Infuse black teas for 3 - 5 minutes, green teas for 2 - 3 minutes, and herbal infusions for 5 - 7 minutes. Watch how the leaves within the pouch have room to gracefully unfurl in your cup, creating a rich and flavorful infusion and a superior tasting tea.

Savor the Leaf
Sip your cup and rediscover the pleasure of the way tea was naturally meant to be. This is the magic of Mighty Leaf.


Green Tea Tropical

Chamomile Citrus

Organic Earl Grey
China, Sri Lanka

Mountain Spring Jasmine

African Nectar
South Africa

Orange Dulce
China, Sri Lanka

Organic Breakfast
India, China, Sri Lanka

Health Benefits
Tea contains an abundant source of natural plant-derived antioxidant compounds called polyphenols that aid in fighting harmful free radicals. Research shows that these free radicals can cause heart disease, cancer and increase the risk of strokes. Drinking tea with its high antioxidant levels may help protect the body by combating harmful free radical activity.

Further health benefits of tea may include lowering cholesterol, strengthening the immune system, promoting healthy blood vessel functionality and even protecting teeth and bones. In addition, tea provides a source of nutrients including magnesium. Manganese, potassium, calcium, and the vitamins C and K all in trace amounts.

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Mighty Leaf Tea Variety - 15 pouches cello wrap Mighty Leaf Tea Variety - 15 pouches cello wrap
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