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Pomegranate Berry
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Pomegranate Berry

Caffeine Level: None

Our Pomegranate Berry Iced Tea brews up a fresh and naturally sweet herbal infusion. Bountiful fruits of pomegranate, berry and citrus blend with hibiscus and rose hips to unveil a sweet, rejuvenating nectar.

Our silver tin is a great way to display and store your Pomegranate Berry Iced Tea. Reuse your tin by stocking up with our 10 count bag refills. Our silver tin and refill each contain 10 pre-portioned 1-ounce filter bags.

Easy and fast to make, each 1-ounce filter bag makes 1 gallon of iced tea.

Hibiscus, rosehips, cinnamon, orange peel, elderberry, pomegranate flakes and natural flavorings

Preparing the perfect cup of tea is a process to be savored. Watch how the traditional elements harmoniously come together to make the perfect cup and enjoy the liberation of pure tea goodness.

This is what we call the Mighty Leaf signature multi-sensory ("sensory melange") tea experience. Come share with us and learn how to get infused.

The quality of tea is affected by the quality of water used to prepare it. Using filtered or bottled water is best. If possible, avoid brewing tea with tap, distilled or mineral water. Never over-boiling water, as it results in flat-tasting tea.

Heat filtered or bottled water to a rolling boil or to 205 F.

Whole Leaf Tea
Add the pre-portioned 1-ounce filter bag to a 1-gallon pitcher or container.

Infusion Time
Fill 1-gallon pitcher or container halfway with boiling water. Time steeping carefully and infuse filter bag for 5 minutes. With a ladle, take out filter bag. Add enough ice so that the level of the liquid rises to pitcher or container top. Cool in refrigerator.

Savor the Leaf
Sip your cup and rediscover the pleasure of the way tea was naturally meant to be. This is the magic of Mighty Leaf.

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