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Rooibos Tea Latte & Frappe Mix
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Rooibos Tea Latte & Frappe Mix

Caffeine Level: None

Create your own rooibos tea latte, frappe or smoothie at home with our Rooibos Tea Latte & Frappe Mix. Easy and convenient to make, simply add the rooibos tea powder mix to milk or soy milk.  Heat on stovetop or with espresso machine steam maker for rooibos tea latte, or blend with ice for smoothie and frappe.

From South Africa, rooibos is a caffeine-free herbal alternative to tea.  Also called "Red Tea," rooibos is rich in vitamins and minerals.  Rooibos is popular for its naturally sweet and nutty flavor.

Rooibos tea powder in 4 oz. bag

Rooibos, sugar, pectin

Tea Smoothie or Frappe (makes 8 oz. cup)
Fill an 8 oz. cup with 4-5 cubes ice and plain milk*. Pour into a blender and add 1 Tbsp of Rooibos Tea Latte & Frappe mix into the blender and blend until smooth.
Tea Latte (makes 8 oz. cup)
Combine 8 oz. of plain milk* and add 1 Tbsp of Rooibos Tea Latte & Frappe Mix and steam the milk using a steamer until it creates a fine froth.
*One can use soy milk.

South Africa

Rooibos (Aspalanthus linearis)
Research has shown Rooibos contains an unusually high amount of flavonoids similar to that in Green Tea. These flavonoids are thought to prove effective in combating harmful free radicals which can cause cancer, heart disease and strokes.

Naturally caffeine free, Rooibos also possesses other medicinal properties including the ability to lessen the body's reaction to allergies and calm upset stomachs.

Our Rooibos Tea Latte & Frappe Mix is perfect for making delicious all natural rooibos tea latte, smoothies or frappes.
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