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Spirulina Stamina

Spirulina Stamina
Spirulina Stamina herbal tea is an aromatic and nurturing melange of herbs. Vitamin C-rich rosehips meld with cinnamon, black currants, and schizandra. Finishing off the blend, lemon balm is joined by blackberry leaves, mineral-rich green yerba mate tea and superfood spirulina, which is rich in protein, iron, magnesium and vitamin B-12.



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  • 1 tbsp/12oz
  • 212° F
  • 5-7 Minutes
  • Caffeine
    No Caffeine
  • Origin
    Chile, Indonesia
  • Ingredients
    Rosehip, Cinnamon, Black Currant, Schizandra Berries, Lemon Balm, Blackberry Leaves, Yerba Mate, Spirulina, Natural Flavors