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Beehouse Asian Glazed Teapot
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Beehouse Asian Glazed Teapot

Made in Japan, this beautiful Beehouse 12 ounce Asian Glazed Teapot has a durable and attractive flip-top lid. The removable stainless steel infuser makes for easy brewing. Take advantage of this functional teapot to brew your favorite Mighty Leaf loose tea.

Available in white. Dishwasher safe.

1. Do not use teapot on the stove.

2. Using a tea kettle, heat the water for tea. Pre-heat the teapot by filling it with hot water and then drain.

3. Place loose tea into the removable infuser. The leaves will have ample space to unfurl freely.

4. Fill with hot water fired to the temperature and steeping time as required by the particular tea type.

5. Savor the whole leaf tea by pouring it into a teacup.


Stoneware and ceramic teapots are ideal teapots for everyday use. For example, enjoy your morning cup of tea with whole loose leaf prepared in a teapot using a removable stainless steel infuser or, if no infusion basket is included, a T-Sac paper filter bag.

Stoneware and ceramic teapots come in a variety of colors and designs and appeal to many tea drinkers. They can be used to prepare any style of tea including black, oolong, green, white or herbal infusions.

After thousands of years, the traditional teapot still brews up the perfect cup. Here are some secrets for preparing the highest quality tea using a teapot.

Teapots for tea types
We recommend that you dedicate one teapot for only one type of tea: one for black, green and herbals. Pots can become seasoned by black teas and if you prepare other styles of tea, like green, in the same pot, it may affect the flavor.

Teapot serving size
Other factors to consider when thinking about tea preparation is how many cups you will be serving. It is best to have both a small and large teapot - a small one for single cup and a larger one for multiple cup servings.

The Mighty Leaf Tea Pouch
Mighty Leaf Tea Pouches are designed to accommodate 12 ounces of water or a small teapot that usually matches the same quantity.

Teapots are made out of a variety of materials including cast-iron, clay, glass, porcelain, silver and earthenware. Whether it is tea culture in China, Japan or other countries, each respective tradition involves preparing and drinking tea in distinctive way, including the kind of teapot used.