Mighty Leaf Tea
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Why Mighty Leaf



Savor the leaves that unfurl before you.
Experience artisan teas crafted to
infuse the senses


>Our Story

>The Magic of our Tea Pouch

>37 Whole Leaf Tea Pouches

>Artisan Crafted Loose Teas

>From Field to Cup

>Social Responsibility

> Commercially Compostable Packaging

>The Art of Blending



 The Thread that runs through mighty leaf is the human touch


Handpicked whole leaves,
blossom, herbs fruits and spices

Hand chosen to satisfy
the discerning palate

Handcrafted artistry of
small batch whole leaf blending

Handcrafted, hand-
stitched silken Tea Pouches

Hand of the artist that
creates Mighty Leaf style

Read more about the Art of Blending