Social Responsibility

We believe that it is our responsibility to give back to those around us, allowing communities both near and far to build up their inner strength and unlock the mighty inside.

PRIDE Industries – Contributing to the Employment of People with Disabilities

We are proud to work with PRIDE Industries to hand-pack our stitched tea bags into cartons. PRIDE is one of the largest nonprofit employers of individuals with disabilities in the United States. They employ over 3,300 individuals with disabilities and give them the training and support they need to lead productive, independent lives. By working with this incredible organization, we aim to empower hundreds of individuals with disabilities to gain confidence and build self-reliance.

She’s the First – Empowering Women through Education

70% of tea garden workers are women, yet women rarely, if ever, rise to supervisor-level roles at tea estates. At Mighty Leaf Tea, we believe that giving women access to more education will empower them to make a difference not just in their own lives, but in the lives of their families and communities.

Women Tea Garden Workers

That’s why we’ve chosen to work with She’s the First, a global non-profit that provides scholarships, mentorship, and empowerment to girls in developing countries. These girls will be the first in their families to graduate from high school and move on to higher education. We partner with She’s the First because we share a common belief that women are unstoppable when they have the right tools to fulfill their whole potential.

Each year, we sponsor ten She’s the First scholars, providing access to textbooks, tuition, and the support programs they need inside and outside of the classroom.


Meet some of our She’s the First Scholars in India and Kenya.


Mercina - She's The First Scholar

Mercina, Grade 7

When things get tough, Mercina tells herself "I can do it if I keep trying! Inside I know that I can, and I try my hardest to overcome whatever challenge I'm facing." She loves dancing to Bollywood music and singing Hindi music. In the future, she says, "I want to become a cardiologist that takes care of peoples' hearts. I want to take care of my family and others."

Rakshitha - She's The First Scholar

Rakshitha, Grade 4

Rakshitha’s biggest challenge was when she first arrived at her Shanti Bhavan school. "At first I was a little sad to be away from home, my parents, grandparents and siblings, but I'm really glad I stayed. I like Shanti Bhavan very much!" Her hobbies include playing on the swings at home because her brother pushes her so high! When Rakshitha grows up, she wants to become a doctor. She says, "I can help people and take care of my parents if they're sick."

Sunitha - She's The First Scholar

Sunitha, Grade 5

Sunitha is from Chennai whereher mother is a maid and her grandmother stays at home to take care of her brother. Sunitha loves to dance. She says, "My favorite music is hip-hop. I really like to dance to Michael Jackson music." When she grows up, she hopes to become a veterinarian. "I want to make animals better and keep them from spreading disease to people too. Veterinary doctors get to help animals and people!"

Eswari - She's The First Scholar

Eswari, Grade 5

Eswari would like to be a doctor when she grows up. She says her favorite subject is Math and her favorite hobby is dancing. Her favorite memory from Shanti Bhavan is when everyone in the school danced together during an engagement party.

Soniya - She's The First Scholar

Soniya, Grade 7

Soniya’s favorite subjects are Math, Science, and English. Her favorite hobbies are singing, dancing, and drawing and plans to be a singer when she grows up! She says her “favorite memory from Shanti Bhavan is when we went to Bangalore on a trip to the Planetarium." She is working to overcome her biggest challenge - public speaking. “I am working on that by raising my hand more in classes!”

Sujitha - She's The First Scholar

Sujitha, Grade 2

Sujitha is in the second grade at Shanti Bhavan Children's Project in India. Her favorite thing to do is to draw animals, especially tigers and her favorite food at Shanti Bhavan is pancakes with syrup. Her mother and father, Radhika and Anmut, work in an office and she has a younger sister named Vaishnu. When she is at home Sujitha likes to play with toy cars with her sister. Sujitha wants to be a doctor.

Divyashree - She's The First Scholar

Divyashree, Grade 1

Divyashree enjoys learning how to spell new words.. She also loves animals especially lions and elephants; and her favorite colors are red and green – “like Christmas”! Her favored food at Shanti Bhavan is the cake that the students get on Family Day (February 25th), which is a holiday when all the students and graduates celebrate the wonderful family of Shanti Bhavan with musical and dance performances, many games, and good food.


Florence - She's The First Scholar

Florence, Grade 12

Florence was raised by her mother in Kitui County and has two siblings. Her favorite subjects in school are Mathematics, Kiswahili, CRE and History. In the future, “I would like to work in the finance world as a bank manager”. She is inspired by her high school teacher who taught her how to be a disciplined student and motivated her to work hard to achieve her goals.

Phyllis - She's The First Scholar

Phyllis, Grade 11

Phyllis is the last born in a family of five children and the only girl. She lives with her mother and four brothers in Isiolo County. “My favorite subject in school is Mathematics.” Phyllis wants to be a lawyer in the future so that she can “defend helpless people against those who take advantage of them”. Her greatest strength is hope and determination.

Bore - She's The First Scholar

Bore, Grade 11

Bore believes in social change and stands for justice. She says, “My role model is Nelson Mandela because I admire his work.” She has a passion for everything to do with humanities and giving back to society. When she grows up and goes to university, she hopes to pursue international law and get a degree in political science.