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Pu-erh Tea: Establishing a Branded Identity
Aromatic black pu-erh tea leaves.

Pu-erh tea, a Chinese black tea that undergoes true fermentation (microbial activity involving bacteria), has recently generated buzz in the press. An article titled "Puer Tea: China's Next Hot Commodity?"  on time.com and blog postings by techie tea enthusiasts like Kevin Rose, founder of digg.com, highlights Puerh tea's growing appeal among mainstream tea fans.   Rumors even exist that Victoria Beckham, a former Spice Girl, drinks Pu-erh to loose weight. 

Steeped in History: The Art of Tea Exhibit
8/25/2009  |  Tea Art

Steeped in History: The Art of Tea, an exhibition running from August 16-November 29, 2009 at the Fowler Museum at UCLA, sheds light on the history of tea as it traveled through Asia, Europe and America.  Tea's impact on the cultures of these three continents is reflected in visual arts that include ceramics, textiles, painting and drawings. The Fowler exhibit presents a collection of art that includes rare Chinese ceramics and paintings, 18th- and 19th-centuery Japanese ceramics and prints, English and Colonial American paintings, vintage photos and documents and more.

Meeting Over Tea Online
8/18/2009  |  Community

The internet has changed our world in such profound ways that we can't remember or envision a world without it. Through the outgrowth of peoples' desires to connect and build community, we have whittled down this globe of ours into microcosms of interest. As a professed foodie, the opportunities to connect are endless.

The Mighty Mar-Tea-Nez Cocktail
7/29/2009  |  Black Tea

To most bar goers now, the martini is generic for vodka served up in a cocktail glass, or maybe even some flavored vodka concoction like a chocolotini or Appletini. But that's not how the martini got its start. In the late 19th century up until at least the 1960s, the martini was a gin drink.

Fun, Kitschy Japanese Tea Commercials
7/21/2009  |  Tea Culture
Japanese Green Tea Fields
While living in Japan in the nineties I developed my first appreciation for Japanese green teas. To further my understanding of the culture and while trying to improve my Japanese language skills, I ended up watching lots of television. The result: An appreciation and fondness for kitschy Japanese tea commercials! The variety of tea types available in stores, vending machines and in restaurants is mind-boggling. The abundant tea choices are perfect for showcasing in television ads. Whether cold or hot, oolong or green, tea fans can take their pick. One of my favorites was the can of tea that I often purchased on the subway platform that would instantly heat up in my hand when opened. Below, I've picked a couple of Japanese tea commercials that I thought you might enjoy. The first one is actually a Japanese/Thai tea ad.
Green Tea Treats for Summer
7/13/2009  |  Green Tea

Ever wonder how green tea ice cream is made or the green tea latte you had at Starbucks?  Matcha is the key ingredient, a tea powder made from premium green tea unique to Japan.  Essential to the celebrated Japanese green tea ceremony, Matcha is well- known for its health benefits and rich, intense taste.  Versatile enough for any season, this tea powder is ideal in summer for making green tea ice cream, iced tea lattes and green tea smoothies.

Tea is Hot at Aspen Food + Wine Classic
7/7/2009  |  Events
On June 18-21 foodies, chefs and those who love to imbibe descended upon the town of Aspen to participate in the Aspen Food + Wine Classic. Mighty Leaf served hot and iced tea at this year's event to great response. During the festival, tea was the retreat or "pause" from all the wonderful cocktails being mixed on-site or glasses of wine being poured. We enjoyed sampling flights of hot tea and discussing the nuances of the flavor profile and aromas.
A Tea Adventure at the Makaibari Tea Estate
6/18/2009  |  Tea Recipes
Tea in the mist

Hello tea lovers!  I am back from my trip to India and boy, what a trip it was! While visiting my family, I planned a visit to Makaibari Tea Estate, which is situated in the Darjeeling hills of northeastern India. Since 1859, Makaibari has produced noteworthy teas while conserving the rainforest in which it is located and reflecting the wonderful soul of the local community.

Tea Culture in France
6/9/2009  |  Tea Culture

I've recently completed a whirlwind trip to France, training the coffee crew in the American Pavilion at the Cannes Film Festival on the ins and outs of tea. In the evenings, I would stroll the streets and became fascinated with understanding the place of tea in the French culture. Often, I saw cheerful announcements of salon de thé, (tea salon) with the likes of beer and food printed on awnings.

Dressing up the Tea Pouch, Mighty Leaf Style
5/27/2009  |  Tea Art

We would like to celebrate the many uses of Mighty Leaf tea by sharing with you photos of dresses made by two separate artists using our signature tea pouches. Inspired by the beauty of the pouches, these two artists independently designed the dresses. Susana Aragon created the dress in the photo on the left, and Shelly Smith the dress worn by the model on the right.