But First, Tea- 6 Resolutions and Teas to Pair with Them


4 glass cups green tea


by Eliot Jordan

Every January, it’s cold outside. The days are shorter. People need to warm up. I already drink several cups of tea each day, but during the winter, I reach more often for herbal teas, which prompted me to compile my list of 20 Healthy Teas. After all the feasting that happens in November and December, January offers a different path. Tea is a fat-free, alcohol-free beverage with character. If drinking more tea is a New Year’s resolution, here are ideas for incorporating it into every day.

Resolution #1: Drink More Tea, But Not More Caffeine
I usually drink about 3 cups of tea a day at least—I could drink 10 cups because I love it—but when I want that 4th or 6th cup of tea late in the day, I go herbal because they’re caffeine-free. Herbal teas are pure relaxation from start to finish. The process of brewing, smelling, and drinking herbal tea is quite centering. Try a few. Find what you like. Plan your tea breaks by working your way backward throughout the day.

Resolution #2: Drink Less Soda
When you brew herbal tea, you get full-bodied flavor without all the sugar of soda. If you’re trying to kick a soft drink habit, try stirring a spoonful of honey into mellow-fruity Organic African Nectar and or fruity-tart Wild Berry Hibiscus.

Resolution #3: Curb Your Sugar Intake
Let’s say you crave something sweet in the late afternoon—instead of reaching for a candy bar or pastry, steep a cup of Chamomile Citrus. Stir in a bit of honey if you want some sweetness, but you might find that the act of making something for the occasion that entices your palate is enough for you. Instead of denying yourself, reach for something else that satisfies you and is in line with your goals.

Resolution #4: Doing a Detox?
Our Organic Detox herbal tea is unique because out of all of our current teas in pouches, it is the only one with ingredients in it because of their function first and then their flavor. You’ll find when you try our Detox that it’s very mint-forward, but also a bit sweet from licorice root. Dandelion root contributes a chicory quality to the blend. Burdock root offers a hint of flavor akin to celery, but essentially both dandelion and burdock taste like the roots they are. This is a finely-crafted good tasting, good-for-you tea that’s a good one to add to your tea cupboard.

Resolution #5: Drink More Green Tea
For people who make New Year’s resolutions, I applaud you for your decision to drink more green tea. If you’re trying to swap out coffee for green tea, be advised that they’re two different flavor experiences and mindsets. Green tea is a bad replacement for coffee if you’re looking for it to do what the cup of coffee did for you. If you habitually have a cup of coffee with a donut at 10 a.m. every morning and try swapping in Organic Green Dragon green tea, it’s not going to be the same experience. So, make a new ritual for yourself—I’ve got a few ideas for how to do that below. No matter what kind of green tea you try, it’s going to have a different flavor and character than black or herbal tea, coffee or soft drinks. Green tea is a salad in a cup—it’s light, green, healthy and a leaf.

If you’re just getting started drinking green teas, I’ve got two pieces of advice for you: buy the best green tea you can afford and brew it correctly. Just like a wide variety of beers exist, the same is true for types of green tea. You’ve got pure green teas like Organic Green Dragon and Organic Emerald Matcha. Then there are jasmine green teas, which are their own category. Fruity green teas like Green Tea Tropical and Cherry Lemon can be good entries into green tea since they smell pleasant and taste fruity. We recently created Organic Almond Spice which offers a different kind of drinking experience that’s more appealing if you’re a black tea drinker and don’t want as much of a salad-in-a-cup flavor. When brewing tea, you want to use water that is around 180 degrees and steep the leaves for 3 minutes. Any hotter and longer and you’ll find the taste bitter and harsh.

Resolution #6: Create Your Own Tea Ritual
I’ve become very attached to my own routine and once you find yours, you will be hooked too. Typically, I brew a cup of Indian black tea first thing in the morning, usually Assam with a splash of milk. Then I move onto other drinks: coffee (sometimes), green tea (usually) and water. As you begin crafting your own tea ritual, first consider what kind of tea you want to brew. Then, think about what kind of food (if any) might pair well with it—maybe a shortbread cookie, a piece of fruit or nothing at all. Spend a minute thinking about how the tea tastes, when it would be good to drink, and then plan out how you’re going to have it. Any way you look at it, when you make time for tea, you’re making time for yourself.