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Celebrating the #MightyInside: Six Women Entrpreneurs to Inspire You This International Women’s Month
3/2/2018  |  Community


For International Women’s Month, we’re shining a light on a few female entrepreneurs who are using their gifts, talents, and strengths to make their corner of the world mighty. At Mighty Leaf Tea, we believe in the power of the whole leaf to energize and invigorate each of us to reach for our dreams and make them reality. Tune in as the women below share their insights on how to unlock the mighty inside, along with tips on starting your own enterprise or movement. Each of us is #mightyinside.
Mighty Traditions
10/19/2017  |  Community

Mighty Leaf Traditions

How do you celebrate the season? We asked our employees to share their favorite Thanksgiving traditions and see how we all join together to celebrate with family and friends.
Celebrate Mom
4/26/2017  |  Community

Anni and Mom

What does tea mean to you? Our employees share their favorite memories of Mom (and tea).
Jessie Et Laurent - Sustenance, Tailored and Delivered
5/2/2014  |  Community
Who has time to cook during the work week?
jessie et laurent

Bay Area fans, have you tried Jessie et Laurent in San Rafael, CA? We're big fans! Thoughtfully prepared meals delivered right to your door. We had a lunch to remember!

Here are some of our favorites:

Vegetarian Enchiladas with Black Bean Salsa Vegetarian Enchiladas with Black Bean Salsa

No sacrifices for vegetarians. More flavorful than a chicken enchilada! I devoured it. The salsa was perfectly spiced and a very generous portion. More tomato-based than bean based. My boss stole the rest of my salsa. The pumpkin pie spices in Mighty Leaf Tea Bombay Chai pair nicely with the butternut squash in the enchilada.  

Niman Ranch Americana Pot Roast Niman Ranch Americana Pot Roast

So good you can't talk while you are eating it! The meat is tender and juicy. The sauce was outstanding. We guess it was wine based with finely chopped carrots and parsley. We recommend pairing this dish with Organic Earl Grey by Mighty Leaf Tea since full bodied black tea complements hearty meat dishes.  

Grilled Mahi Mahi with Papaya Leek Sauce

A flavor explosion! Perfectly cooked Mahi Mahi. The fish was juicy and the dish was full of flavor variations. Delicate green teas pair well with fish so we recommend Mighty Leaf Tea Green Tea Tropical, which teems with tropical fruit.

Lasagne Florentine

Super tasty and tall. Maybe 6 layers high of comfort food. Not just a tomato and cheese filling – spinach too. The creamy, mild cheese in this dish leads us to pair it with Mighty Leaf Tea Organic Green Dragon.

Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Decadent but the carrots tone down the guilt! Perfect texture. The pumpkin pie spices were dialed up. We suggest pairing with Mighty Leaf Tea Vanilla Bean.

Summer of Health Week Four Recap
8/27/2012  |  Community
Summer of Health Week Four Recap

Mighty Leaf fans of all kinds kept the #SummerOfHealth going strong in week four. And even though we'€™re nearing the home stretch, this week'€™s social champions have some great images to share.

The most eye-catching entry this week is a lovely photo by Erica Mitchell (@mosingbel on Twitter) posted on Twitter. Her pitcher and glass of iced tea are lit with slanting afternoon sunlight. Each glows with the inviting color of honey. If this picture isn'€™t a celebration of iced tea, I don'€™t know what is! Congrats Erica!

Our other winner, David Molina (@davidcmolina) also posted a lovely picture to Twitter. €œGreen tea + ice = iced green tea,” he wrote. But in case you aren'€™t the mathematical type, there'€™s a great tabletop picture to illustrate his point. Iced tea has rarely looked so refined.

We greatly appreciate Erica and David’s contributions and look forward to hearing from more of you this week. Social winners get tea gifts from Mighty Leaf all for posting health-related pics and tips to our Facebook wall or tweeting with the #SummerOfHealth hash tag. Have a wonderful, healthy week! Cheers!

Be sure to enter the #SummerOfHealth Giveaway! The winner will receive $100 in iced tea!

Summer of Health Week Three Recap
8/20/2012  |  Community
Summer of Health Week Three Recap

Week three was another strong showing for tea lovers in the #SummerOfHealth contest! Without further ado, here are our social winners:

The most heart-warming post of the week came from Stephany Mason on Facebook. She shared a picture of her kids playing with a sprinkler in the yard–a great way to stay both cool and active. It takes me back to the days when a simple sprinkler could be the source of so much excitement and fun. Thanks Stephany! I’ll be sending you a little iced tea prize to show my appreciation.

Janet Kenney offered up a great confession on Facebook about how she came to love tea after disliking it in her younger days. She admits, €œThis has been a huge change for me, but after hearing about all the health & diet benefits, I had to try it!€ I'€™m so happy you'€™ve ditched the sugary sodas for the antioxidant goodness of tea. Soon you'€™ll have even more tea to indulge your new love.

Many thanks for Stephany and Janet and everyone who sent us pictures and posts! If you’d like a chance to win free iced tea, post photos or messages on our wall to tell us what you are doing to stay healthy this summer. On Twitter, be sure to include the #SummerOfHealth tag so we can find it.

Have a healthy week! And don’t forget to enter our #SummerOfHealth Giveaway here.

Summer of Health Week Two Recap
8/10/2012  |  Community
Summer of Health Week Two Recap

Week two of the Summer of Health has breezed on by. And like the first we’ve seen some great examples of healthy living from some of our most creative fans. Without further ado, here are this week’s winners:

The most scrumptious-looking post of the week was also one of the best. Alyssa Curran shared a lovely picture of veggies harvested from her garden. It’s full of beautiful colors and even more beautiful vegetables. I’m green with envy for her green thumb! She definitely earned the green tea we’ll be sending her way.

Although Jennifer Cook didn’t grow anything, she did create an inspiring little image that all tea lovers will enjoy. Her advice? “Top off the tea, it lubricates the grey matter!” Thanks, Jennifer, for your clever design. Expect a gift of appreciation soon.

Lastly, Dustin Blythe confided that he’d been making iced tea all summer to stay cool. His “two faves are Sunburst Green and Ginger Peach.” But to keep himself in the best health possible, he’s also regularly heading to the gym. Well done Dustin! Some iced tea is on its way to rehydrate you after those workouts.

Share your healthy habits and tips on our Facebook wall or on Twitter with the #SummerOfHealth hash tag, and you could receive an iced tea gift from Mighty Leaf next week! Also, take a moment to enter week three of the #SummerOfHealth! You could win $100 in iced tea! Keep taking good care of yourselves, your families, and friends this weekend!

Summer of Health Week One Recap
8/3/2012  |  Community

Wow, what an amazing first week (and three days) for the #SummerOfHealth! We’ve read so many great comments and tweets. It’s really inspiring to see how many members of the Mighty Leaf community are taking their health seriously this summer. Not to mention the astonishing creativity and enthusiasm!

Here at week’s end we’d like to highlight our favorite posts and tweets of the first 10 days of the #SummerOfHealth:

The most impressive post of the week came from Crystal (@TheTeachersWife on Twitter). She sent out a tweet with a link to an awesome blog post on her adventures with a juicer. It turns out getting your family to try out a juice diet is challenging and rewarding all at once. Read her post and you’ll be thirsty to try it yourself!

Meghan Finley (@immortalb4 on Twitter) was quick on the draw. Only a short while after the opening of the contest, she jumped on the #SummerOfHealth bandwagon with a bit of eastern wisdom for us all: “If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth and beauty. ~Japanese Proverb #SummerofHealth”. And what can be better for you than a healthy appreciation for truth and beauty?

Lynn McNeill-Morejon told us about her wonderful journey to lose weight this summer. She credits calorie free iced tea and the support of Oli with helping her shed an astonishing 20 pounds! Well done. We at Mighty Leaf applaud your fine work.

Lastly, Katie McCarthy sent us a wonderful picture of a veggie-packed dinner. And what’s at the edge of the shot? Is that iced tea perhaps? Looks like a fantastic meal, I’m getting hungry just looking at it.

Our hearty thanks go out to Crystal, Meghan, Lynn, and Katie. We’ll be extending some gifts to show our appreciation for their contributions. If you’d like to share with us for your own chance at winning free tea from Mighty Leaf, be sure to tweet with the #SummerOfHealth hashtag or leave us a message on our wall.

Don’t forget to enter week two of the #SummerOfHealth Giveaway! You could win $100 in iced tea! Until next week, treat yourself well and enjoy the summer!

Summer of Health Giveaway
7/25/2012  |  Community
Summer of Health Giveaway 2012

Today we kick off an exciting opportunity for all Mighty Leaf fans, our Summer of Health! During the Summer of Health, there are two easy ways to win refreshing, whole leaf iced tea from your favorite tea company.

Grand Prizes

Each week we'€™ll be giving away an iced tea prize worth $100 and a Takeya flash chill iced tea brewer to a lucky winner. Entering is free and fun. Just visit our Facebook page and click on the “Giveaway” tab. There you’ll be asked one question: So tell us, how are you staying healthy this summer? Answer with one of the preselected options in the dropdown menu or write your own in the text box. Entries are limited to one per day. On Wednesdays a winner will be randomly selected from the week’s entries. (The final grand prize drawing will be on September 5, 2012.) Be sure to re-enter each week to maximize your chances of being one of our grand prize winners! (See

Social Prizes

In addition, everyone in the Mighty Leaf community is invited to share about victories and challenges as we all try to get healthier this summer. Just post something interesting or inspiring on Facebook or Twitter with the hash tag #SummerofHealth. Diligent Mighty Leafers will read these entries and compile our favorites into weekly recaps. People whose posts and pictures are selected will receive iced tea gifts and (temporary) immortality on the Mighty Leaf timeline and blog!

So let’s get active together for the Summer of Health and start living better today. Oh and don'€™t forget to stay hydrated with a little iced tea!

Cups of Companionship
2/20/2012  |  Community

This week we introduce a new feature to the Blog that we'€™re calling Steeped in Memories. In it, we will periodically feature tea-related remembrances and stories written by Mighty Leaf fans.

To begin the series, we'€™re proud to feature the work of longtime tea lover Christy Birmingham. She has written a lovely tribute to her grandmother and the soothing power of a shared pot of tea.

With a wide smile I thankfully accepted grandma’s first phone invitation to dinner. I had been in Vancouver, BC, Canada for merely a month and loneliness hung heavy on me like a wet jacket.

My new surroundings included a roommate who locked herself in her bedroom for hours on her computer. There was little interaction other than the clicking of the keys I heard with my ear against her closed door. My second roommate (yes there were two) was easier to speak to but rarely at home as her boyfriend liked to take her out during the evenings.