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20 Healthiest Teas to Drink In January
1/5/2017  |  Health Benefits of Tea

20 Healthy Teas

Mighty Leaf Tea Master, Eliot Jordan has chosen 20 great teas to start your year off right.
Eye Pillows that Pamper with Tea
2/8/2012  |  Health Benefits of Tea

We love tea for many reasons. It tastes great and can energize or calm. Tea is one of nature’s most versatile products – not only can you drink it but you can use it to help heal, refresh and pamper the body. One unique way to take advantage of tea’s natural soothing qualities is to use tea bags as eye pillows – this can help reduce tired and puffy eyes. You can either use a tea bag or make your own eye pillow from loose tea and a paper tea filter. This may sound a bit alternative, but once you try it you might be hooked. It’s like a mini spa in a bag.

Milk in Tea: A Bum Steer?
5/12/2009  |  Health Benefits of Tea

I'm a tea drinker who enjoys tea with a little bit of milk.  Not only does it add a nice creamy texture to the tea, it also seems to take the bitter edge off, even without adding any sugar.  And I'm certainly not alone - by one estimate, 98% of British tea drinkers top off with the white stuff.