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Creating a Tea Tradition During the Holidays
11/19/2015  |  Holidays
Holidays tea

My family is not terribly traditional or ceremonial when it comes to the holidays. While we indulge in spiked eggnog at Christmas, tea always makes an appearance at each holiday. Here are several ideas to create your own tea tradition.

How to Pick Whole Leaf Teas for Any Sized Party
11/12/2015  |  Holidays
Tea party

As we enter the holiday season, we enter a time of gathering together. With holiday parties, come holiday menu planning and tea can factor into the festivities.

Holiday Tea Tree
11/10/2013  |  Holidays
Holiday Tea Tree

Teas the season! We always enjoy seeing how we can put a holiday twist on tea. At a recent holiday photo shoot we created this tea tree.

Set your seasonal table in style with diaphanous pouches and tea liquor glowing in ornaments. Hang your favorite pouches from a tree and let guests choose their tea to pair with dessert. Stay tuned for new holiday items coming soon.