Introducing New Iced Tea Bags for Summer


new iced teas for summer

by Eliot Jordan

Iced tea season has begun! Okay, maybe that’s a misnomer because a contingency of tea drinkers prefer their tea iced all-year round (just as a contingency of people prefer their tea hot even during hot months). So, what I’m really pointing to is the notion that once Memorial Day begins, out come the iced tea pitchers at picnics, potlucks, and parties. I’ve shared my 5 tips for making excellent iced tea every time before. This summer check out our new iced tea flavors to keep you cool: Caribbean Isle Green Tea, Passion Fruit Black Tea, Organic Mango, Organic Green Tea Tropical, and Organic Pure Black. They join one of my personal iced tea favorites, Summer Solstice and each show it’s easy to brew good iced tea in minutes.


Our New Iced Tea Flavors

Flavored iced tea to me is a refreshment and a great substitute for soda. Our new Caribbean Isle iced green tea has a mélange of tropical fruits mixing with China green tea for a juicy and floral flavor.

The name says it all with Passion Fruit iced black tea. Smooth, light black tea is blended with enough passion fruit to make it sweet and approachable without being overbearing.

Our Organic Mango black iced tea is a combination of China black teas with mango that culminate in a fruity, sweet, luscious kind of mango flavor.

Wild Berry Hibiscus herbal iced tea’s bright pink color and super tangy taste come from elderberries, blueberries, and hibiscus. This caffeine-free iced tea is great sweetened and also available in an organic version.

For Green Tea Tropical fans, we’re excited to introduce our new Organic Green Tea Tropical iced tea, adjusted with organic tea leaves for a fuller, smooth taste when served over ice.

Organic Black iced tea has a brisk, satisfying, nutty flavor with a hint of aromatic toastiness.


How to Brew a ½ Gallon of Iced Tea Using our Iced Tea Bags

Our new iced tea bags brew a gallon at a time, but let’s say you’re looking to cut that in half or even just brew a quart. It requires opening up the bag and measuring it into halves or quarters volumetrically – and usually eye-balling it will be OK for iced tea.  Brew the loose tea using the guidelines below and seal up the remainder of the tea leaves so they stay fresh for later.


How to Brew Iced Tea From Loose Leaf Tea

Named after the longest day of the year and the start of summer, our Summer Solstice black tea is sold loose but is easy to make in larger quantities to serve over ice. Here’s how: Make a strong pot then dilute with cold water. To make a ½ gallon batch, fill a 16-oz. teapot with 8-10 teaspoons (1 oz.) of Summer Solstice loose tea. Pour hot water at a rolling boil over the tea leaves. Steep for 4-5 minutes. While the tea is steeping, fill a pitcher with 1 and 1/2 quart of cold water with a few ice cubes added. When your timer goes off, strain the tea into the pitcher with cold water.  The strength can be adjusted depending how much cold water you add – taste as you go if you like.  The tea should stabilize to room temperature within a few minutes. Pour over ice and serve, or chill in the refrigerator.

You can also always brew iced tea by the glass using our signature tea bags and loose tea. Find additional brewing instructions on our website. What iced tea’s keeping your glass full and keeping you cool today?