Introducing Tea & Company whole leaf teas


introducing Tea & Company

As fellow tea drinkers, nothing excites us more than sharing an excellent cup of tea with you. We are thrilled to invite you to experience Tea & Company, our new super premium line of teas. Through this new tea collection we pay tribute to our teahouse beginnings, when our company founders set up shop in 1996, opening Tea & Company on Fillmore Street in San Francisco.

Our tea master Eliot’s pulled out all the stops in procuring the teas for Tea & Company. By selecting smaller lots of rare and exotic tea, we’re bringing you a taste of a whole new crop of interesting high quality teas. His handiwork is evident in this collection of choice traditional green teas, inventive black and unique herbal blends.

And, these teas are getting people talking! During the prestigious 2017 Global Tea Championships, Tea & Company won top scores across several major bagged tea categories. Some of our award-winning favorites include the Earl Grey Crème, Royal Passion green tea and the Blood Orange Rooibos. Each of the teas is also organic, kosher, gluten-free, and vegan so all kinds of tea lovers can delight in them.

We find art in the act of brewing tea and it inspired the design for Tea & Company. A watercolorist painted the exquisite tea leaves and botanicals wrapping around our silken biodegradable whole leaf tea pouches making each a tiny work of art. Discover your new favorite tea. Find the art of tea refined in Tea & Company.